11 Things Your eCommerce Needs To Have

Do you own a smartphone? Good chance you do! being a phone it is always on your body and therefore accessible. We are now in the habit of searching on our phone for items we want in fact stats show that the majority of searches for online content are now searched for on mobile devices. So website needs to be 1. mobile and 2. desktop friendly!

Next eCommerce stores are heavy with images and content which means slower speeds but we are so use to immediate satisfaction from our inquiries if your website is slow to respond you will lose potential customers which have found you in the first place. 3. you need a quick server

So now you have a customised website that is mobile and desktop friendly on a quick server what next? Next you need to make sure that you images are of good quality but 4. low resolution so it doesn’t slow down the website loading time.

Now you have your website loaded with all the above what next. 5. word content so that Google search will pick up your website for the items that you are selling so people looking for your items can find you otherwise it is like looking for house 21 in a cul de sac with no numbers. Then you need 6. Google Analytics set up for eCommerce this will allow you to see what your customers are doing on your website all the way through to what items they put in the check out before they did or didn’t check out. 7. Google Search Console and 8. Google Tag Manager set up so that you can gather information on your website and do remarketing on people who have visited your website in the various stages or purchasing so you know what you 9. remarket to them.

10. Reporting how do you know if your website is going well? You receive reports each month about how things are going and then you can make decisions about what to do with the next point.

11. You can Advertise… firstly for free by having a Google My Business profile but then by paid advertising like Google Shopping, ebay, Amazon, etsy and more!

Items 1-5 are provided in your weekly payment and items 6-11 can be additionally added in depending on what your looking for.

Click on the below templates to be able to find the one that you like and will represent your brand the best, checkout and we will send you a template for your to populate with content so we can customise your website for you complete with your logo, colours, branding and content



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