General Information

A: $23 or $35 per week rental depending if you have an ecommerce site or tradesman you sign up for a year and then it goes month to month. Your initial payment is for 4 months in advance and you have a 4 weeks cancellation policy.

A: The websites are developed from existing templates so all the design work is already completed and only changes is the selection of colours, personal details and logo etc that fill the website. This ensures that you get a fantastic website with all the information that is predetermined to be needed for the industry. You of course can add content that is not already included.

A: When you first get your template to populate if you supply it back in full then there are no extra costs with populating your website. But if you need more than one back and forth you are charged out at our hourly cost. Additional costs like SEO, Analytics etc are available as part of your website.

A: Industries are specialized, and people if they want to get really good do not diversify into other industries. If you are good at what you do then we will be good at what we do. The templates are already set up to achieve the outcome that tradesman need. It allows you to show your services, images of works completed and testimonials everything you need to win over a customer without a phone call.

A: Yes, the low cost hosting is for customers who want to have as cheap a website as possible. But if you need a bit of extra help then that is no problem once you have signed up we have great staff who will arrange a call and assist you with populating the template, we can even assist you in writing your content so that it sounds great.

Basically, whatever you want us to do we can help you but the more you use over the phone the more it costs you. Most customers are happy to have a little back and forth as the costs are so low.

A: No, works will be implemented by eSociety.

A: No, you can have a third party work on the SEO and send any changes through to our team to implement.

A: If your not experienced with website creation you would be amazed at the amount of things that go into keeping a website up and running well. For requests that are not covered in the Shopping cart you will either be quoted or be charged at the hourly rate.

A: eSociety hourly rate is $100 per hour and is charged in 15min increments.

A: eSociety is an online company able to operate anywhere in the world where English is the language spoken. Here are some of the countries where our staff are located; Australia, Germany, India, Philippines & USA. Our company is registered in Australia for tax purposes.

A: We endeavor to handle all enquiries within 24 hours.