How It Works

Pick a design

Read Pricing Terms

Check out with your design

We send you a spread sheet for you to populate with what you want in there

Your complete the spreadsheet and return or contact our office for assistance in populating the website.

your website is populated and you give to view it for final approval before it goes live.

How your website rental works works…

You pay a weekly fee/rental depending on which website theme you chose Tradesman $23 per week and eCommerce $35 per week. Then you receive web and email hosting along with a customised website.

The benefits of renting a house are you get a home to live in for significantly cheaper than owing it. The same principle applies here we provide the customised website to run your business from but dont have the large fees associated with doing your own. Like a rental you are locked in for a period of time to make it worth doing and same principle applies here when you check out your design you will be changed 1 month up front this is your last months rental, along with a weekly subscription which commences the day of your purchase. 

Once you have selected and proceeded to checkout the design you want you will be automatically sent a template of that website which you will need to populate with your personal information. You send the template back fully populated and advise what colours, logo etc and we populate the website for you this is included in your weekly subscription with no additional cost. However, if you send back a partial completed template and need a little more assistance with the back and forth you can be up for the hourly fee to complete customisation after the initial website data population.

Our hourly fee is $95+GST for anything that is not included on our checkout the fee is charged in 15min increments. So if you don’t want any extra fees then the entire template needs to be populated and provided back in one go. If however, you want to take it a little slower cause this is your first website and you don’t mind paying a little more than we are ok with that as well.

The reason we are able to offer websites for rental is that we are extremely efficient we don’t waste time on things that other companies do. We build templates that including everything that is needed so that clients don’t have to waste time figuring it out. We only use design templates that we already know and understand because our those in the design team currently have business for years in those industries and know what is needed.

We also don’t waste time allowing our customers to get into debt with us so we don’t have to chase it. Payments are either scheduled, upfront through the checkout or your stored credit card will be charged after your request has been completed.

Like a rental if the owner wants to make upgrades they can. eSociety will have the right to allow advertising and news articles to appear on your website. Although this will mostly likely not happen until after 6 months and you do have the right to increase your subscription if you don’t want this to occur. However, we recommend seeing what is provided before you make a decision as it will likely not affect your website greatly at all and will never impact your business negatively.

After the first 12 months is up your subscription will automatically roll over to month by month with a month cancellation required which you will have paid in your initial payment so it can be cancelled anytime.

You can also choose to purchase the website from us at a cost per page for Tradesman template and a cost per page and cost per product for eCommerce website after the initial 12 months.

For everything else we can also assist you but it is not part of your weekly website rental:

  • Writing Blogs
  • Writing Page Content
  • Backlinks
  • Social Media Posting
  • Social Media
  • Advertisement
  • Search Engine
  • Optimisation
  • Domain Registration
  • Email Set Up on devices
  • Google My Business Set Up
  • Google My Business ongoing updates
  • Press Releases
  • Changes or updates to the website

We know our way of doing business is different and it will shake up the establishment but if it is not for you than that’s ok its not for everyone.

Amazing Features

Email Hosting - Provided

Email Hosting is provided for your business email address

Web Hosting - Provided

Web Hosting is provided for
your website

Online Support

We are just a click or a
phone call away.

Reporting- Option

You might have the worlds best website with the fastest server and be selling products but you won't know your conversion rate, where your sales are coming from or when people are attempting to purchase and then terminating unless reporting is set up. This is Recommended for Tradesman website as you will get a feeling of your page ranking but it is essential for eCommerce website.

Customised Website - Provided

Pick from the templates available to you and customise with your content

Additional Extras

Every other aspect of running a website we can assist you with.

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